World Economy strikes on Safety Field

Economy may shrink in many countries and in some countries the economy growth may also be negative.

According to IMF, the expected economy growth of India in 2021 is approx 7.4% According to IMF the economy growth of India is going to be the highest in the year 2021.

Especially the growth are expected in pharma, Health care, construction and manufacturing industries. with the growth in the above said sector, will create technical manpower requirements, with the increase in manpower and the growth of industries will lead to great demand of safety.

post covid-19 Lock down precautions :

As a mile stone and pioneer in the safety precaution, we undertake the following steps to enhance the health and safety of our students.

  1. According to guidance from WHO and ICMR we have arranged a social distance maintained class room.

2.To ensure the hand hygiene we shall arrange hand sanitizes

  1. Strict follow of Face masks
  2. Disinfected and sanitized class rooms
  3. Limited number of students per batch
safety engineering course

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