Social Distancing and Safety Chennai

Creating to all hope all and safe. Maintain Social distancing…use face mask use hand gives wash your hands frequently. Avoid touching face and eyes.

In the current covid-19 situation we all may be lied of two things. one is respected rest and another one is repeated news.

But two news in the recent days has caught our attention. The two news seems to be distinctly different. At the same time the two news seems to be realistically related.

First news is that out national government has banned the export of alcohol based sanitiser. It is a welcome move, keeping in the mind the increased a need of alcohol based sanitiser in our country. Also let us hope that this ban of alcohol based sanitiser sustains until the president of america request for it. to avoid the relation, we may also lift the ban. Jokes a part.

Second news is that some states has given permision to most awaited necessary commodity, that is liquor. the news inside this news is most state administration has increased the rate of the liquor from minimum 10% to 70%. May be the government might have though, more price. less consumption. But in reality move rate may lead to more crime. Jokes apart we are really worried about number of people gathering and much worked about social distancing.

In an irancy the most unnecessary and most dangerous commodity tea shops will remain closed.

Back to the Business. This two news serious raises an alarm towards the health and safety of the people. this insights that Health and safety is very important not only in the organisation but also in all the places