Housekeeping Safety course in Chennai:

Good morning to all. March to September of 2020 has been taken away both morally and economically by the pandemic novel corona virus covid 19 There is an end for any issues . Though this issues seems to be prolonging it will also have an end. We are slowly practicing to live in this situation. The importance of self disciplined safety and health awareness have improved drastically. The whole world is experiencing the need of self disciplined safety and personal health and hygiene and maintaining social distancing. Evey industries are hugely focusing on the safety and health of their employees and the society. The demand for the health and safety professionals in the all industries throughout the world

House keeping is an very important topic and aspect in the safety field and in the all type of industries. Usually house keeping is under estimated and in most of the time the house keeping aspects are completely or partially ignored. But the real fact is that house keeping is very important and is a very serious business which should be dealt with due care and respect Keeping the area neat alone is not house keeping. House keeping means place for every thing and every thing in its place.

This clearly explain what is house keeping Many work place accidents including but not limited to slip, trip, fall, collision with fixed objects, collision with moving objects, difficulty in escape during emergencies and fire are due to poor house keeping or partial house keeping We provide national government promoted one year and two year master and advanced diploma certificate courses. This course include fire and industrial safety ,oil and gas and construction safety courses. This diploma courses offered by us includes lot many topics including house keeping safety, fire safety, confined space safety, excavation safety, welding safety, radiography safety. But not limited to this topics