What is NEBOSH Open Book exam and why?

Nebosh – IGC Open Book Exam

Inorder to protect each individual Leader and inordder to continue the learning, Nebosh has introduced open book Exam For IGC.

This open book Exam for IG-1 & IGC-1 is a permanent replacement for invigilated paper based Exam.

What is open Book Exam :
Learners can attend Nebosh assessment from home or any another sate & Suitable Location.
Learners will receive examination fire on the exam day In examination Fire there will be question paper and answer template.

The question will be scenario based on scenario, Question will be asked.
Your answers should be with a specific word count. For each mark there should be 30 words. For 10 mark Question, your answers should be 300 words.

You can refer book, notes and digital resources, but you should not copy and paste.

After exam closing interview will be conducted to check learners identity and knowledge.